SureSmile Blog

16th January 2020

Discussing the Evolution of Orthodontic Technology and SureSmile with Dr. Bill Crutchfield

Dr. William Crutchfield is the owner of Orthodontics By Crutchfield, a practice specializing in orthodontics. As an early adopter, he’s been involved in the clear aligner […]
15th January 2020

The Smile Project – Jordan’s Journey

Jordan, a 29-year-old, female lapsed on wearing her retainer after having braces as an adolescent and was looking for a realignment solution when she found SureSmile. Follow Jordan's journey with SureSmile Aligner.
4th December 2019

SureSmile Doctor Profile: An Interview with Dr. Sabrina Saunders

After graduating from the UNC School of Dentistry in 2019, Dr. Sabrina Saunders joined the team at Solomon Family Dentistry in Summerville, South Carolina. In her […]
2nd December 2019

The Smile Project – Alexa’s Journey

Alexa, a 26-year-old, female concerned about crowding, did not like her smile and has decided to use SureSmile clear aligners to create her ideal smile. Follow Alexa’s journey with SureSmile Aligner.