Discover the SureSmile® Difference with our Clear Aligners

Straightening teeth through advanced innovation and precision artistry

Go Straighter, Faster

Your treatment plan is designed using the world’s most advanced & accurate digital treatment planning software for faster results. What’s not to love?

Precise Progress

SureSmile® clear aligners are created using a proprietary algorithm and validated by an expert digital lab team to straighten teeth tooth-by-tooth for comfort with a laser-trimmed precision fit.

Staying Power

By fabricating aligners that combine SureSmile’s workflow solution, registration of Ceph, 3D models and facial photos, your result is more efficient treatment time with fewer refinements. SureSmile® clear aligners go beyond straight to ensure lasting results.

SureSmile—Cultivating collaboration with a personal touch

We’ve partnered with the best and the brightest in the dental industry and other specialty areas to bring you what you need the way you need it.
  • World class training Virtual or in-person, to fit your schedule
  • Direct Access to technical & system support
  • Robust proprietary software for treatment planning
  • In-office or SureSmile® Digital Lab aligner fabrication for your practice
  • SureSmile is an Open System that works with many scanners

Join our community of practitioners

Our transition away from a main aligner product in the market into SureSmile® aligners, we found that we were doing more aligners and our lab bill was still less than when we were previously doing it. For us, there was a huge economic advantage.

Dr. Brent Bankhead, DDS, MS

I am a far better orthodontist today with SureSmile®. With the benefits of technology I know I’m a better diagnoser and treatment planner because of the powerful tools and SureSmile® software applications.

Dr. Edward Lin, DDS, MS

The integration of intraoral scan data and CBCT data makes the software incredibly powerful for treatment planning of more complex cases.

Dr. Antonio G. Secchi, DMD, MS

Designed to be the most effective

Put world class innovation to work for you.

SureSmile software is scanner compatible

Unlike others, our planning & visualizing software works with scanners you already have, like Primescan,

Reduces complexity

SureSmileU makes on-boarding easy & provides convenient remote updates

Add value to your practice

SureSmile offers competitive pricing & exclusive rewards