Give your patients the smile they want in the best possible way.

All the treatment planning software, appliance fabrication, and support services you need to give each patient the smile they want in the best possible way.

Feature List:

Appliance Fabrication:

SureSmile Aligners

The all new, full-service clear aligner solution from Dentsply Sirona

SureSmile Arch Models

Custom printed models for clear aligner fabrication in the office or lab

SureSmile IDB

Custom indirect bonding trays for precision bracket placement

SureSmile Archwires

Robotically bent custom archwires for optimal finishes, faster

Support Services:

Digital Modeling

Modeling support for diagnosis and planning

Treatment Planning

Planning and appliance staging support

Lingual FS

Full service lingual case planning and appliance fabrication

What doctors are saying:

When people are given the proper tools and support, what can be accomplished is often nothing short of amazing. Review case studies from our SureSmile doctors:
For our patients, SureSmile is that tool which allows us to plan treatment with greater confidence and predictability than ever before.

SureSmile is the only comprehensive system that blends the best diagnostics available with accurately prescribed therapeutics.

These days our patients demand reliable, fast therapy that is as close to invisible as possible. The lingual treatment option from SureSmile offers a perfect way for us to satisfy this demand.