The world's most advanced digital orthodontics platform

Advanced digital orthodontic treatment planning software

For dental professionals who want the most sophisticated planning tools and customization options for all orthodontic treatments, SureSmile Advanced offers a fully customized fixed appliance system that incorporates labial and lingual treatment with surgical design, an array of restorative planning tools, fully coordinated aligner design, and unparalleled accuracy of bracket placement. So you can provide your patients with the best possible orthodontic treatments in the best possible way.

Setting the industry standard

Appliance fabrication:

Suresmile Aligners

The all new, full-service clear aligner solution from Dentsply Sirona

Suresmile Arch Models

Custom printed clear aligner models for fabrication in the office or lab

Suresmile IDBs

Custom indirect bonding trays for precision bracket placement

Root planning with CBT scans

Move beyond the crown
SureSmile Advanced accepts CBCT scans, so you have more detail available than ever. If you have access to CBCT scans, SureSmile Advanced is the only system that can provide models of actual roots and cortical bone for optimal treatment planning and appliance design.

Quality scoring

Make meaningful adjustments
Quality scoring in SureSmile automatically scores your treatment plan, and enables you to quickly make adjustments to improve the plan.

Planned smile line

The vision of SureSmile Advanced
SureSmile software allows you to visualize your treatment plan in the patient’s smile profile, enhancing your ability to plan smile aesthetics, consult with the referring GP over the internet and demo to the patient during the consultation.

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