Simple for you, invisible for patients.

Lingual FS

Full service lingual case planning and appliance fabrication services

Many patients seek lingual treatment, but most practices have decided not to offer this “in demand” treatment approach. Now you can prescribe lingual treatment for your patients and be confident that you will get clinical results that you demand.

SureSmile Lingual IDB services make lingual therapy more efficient and precise than ever before.

How your new full service lingual solution works:

Upload the completed patient’s prescription form, scans, photos & x-rays
Receive an expertly-made lingual IDB
Upload the completed patient’s prescription form, scans, photos & x-rays
Receive patient-specific, custom robotically bent lingual archwires
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What's included:

3D treatment simulation

Each case is presented in a 3D format that can be viewed in Adobe Reader. The doctor then reviews the case and notes any changes needed in setup alignment. We recommend Adobe Reader version XI or newer.

Indirect bonding trays & brackets

Using the completed initial model setup with the ideal bracket placement as a template, the brackets are placed in the laboratory.

The transfer trays are then fabricated using Specialty’s well proven 2-tray technique. As an added benefit, the brackets for all cases are provided. We have selected the GAC lingual brackets, which are small and comfortable with a self-ligating feature your staff will appreciate. If you select the lower labial option, we supply the GAC labial brackets (ceramic in anterior 3-3 segment, metal in posterior segments).

Suresmile Archwires

We use the our industry-leading wire-bending technology for precise tooth movement, bending a series of fully customized archwires according to the treatment plan.

Custom wire information from lingual expert

Your expert lingual orthodontist guides you through the patient’s treatment via a fusion wire information guide. Each stage includes an overview of the wire used with clinical notes.

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