The Smile Project – Alexa’s Journey #2
4th March 2020
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Dr. Michael Woods details a 6-month case using SureSmile® Aligners

Dr. Michael Woods of Signature Dentistry of Arvada details a 6-month case using SureSmile® Aligners.

Patient, Ashley K., a 32-year-old female with chief complaint of crooked teeth.

Patient has clinical crowding of both arches with end-to-end open bite on #7.

Treatment was of 6 months duration with 15 aligners on the maxilla and 10 aligners on the mandibular arch.

The treatment was to align both the upper and lower arches and close the open bite and give the patient adequate overbite and over-jet.  We planned to upright the teeth that had been tipped lingually to create the space to straighten the teeth.  We planned to bring #7 down into occlusion as well.

We are using SureSmile retainers as retention and patient was very happy with the final result.  The result was as planned.

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