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If you were a SmileDirectClub patient and any of the following situations apply, we are here to help.

  • You are a patient in aligner treatment
  • You are a patient who has finished treatment and wearing retainers
  • You are a patient who has completed treatment and results aren’t what you were expecting or teeth have moved away from your final position

We at SureSmile® are wholeheartedly committed to delivering an excellent treatment experience for both our doctors and patients through their SureSmile journey.

We understand your frustrations, need for compassionate support and expert guidance to find a new doctor. Rest assured, SureSmile technology has provided orthodontic care for over 20 years through our doctors with over a million patients treated.

For an evaluation and to learn about your treatment and financial options, use this tool to find a SureSmile® Doctor near you. 

We look forward to providing you an excellent treatment experience.


Finding a SureSmile® provider is easy.

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