SureSmile® Reviews

SureSmile® Reviews

Our patients love SureSmile® Clear Aligners

Hear how SureSmile® changed more than just smiles.

Meet Sophie​

“It definitely made me more confident! I feel a lot happier, and I have just absolutely loved the process.

Meet Adam

“I’ve never been a big picture person on social media, primarily because my teeth weren’t straight. Having this done was really important and now I’m open to taking pictures anywhere.”

Meet Jenny

“My colleagues were so impressed with my results; that they’re coming in soon to start their journey with the aligners as well.”

Meet Kim

“With my SureSmile Aligners, I got the results that I wanted within 10 weeks. I am so much happier with my smile.”

Meet Sophie

“My experience with SureSmile has been amazing i’ve been really impressed with how accurate it’s been from stat to finish, from the first consultation, the 3D scanning, i’ve been really happy with it”

Patient Conversation

We join Dr James Taylor and one of his patients; Adam Kingsley, a fourth-year dental student, in conversation as they discuss their experience as SureSmile® Aligner treating clinician and patient.
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