Open Bites

What's an Open Bite?

An open bite happens when your top teeth and bottom teeth touch each other at the back of your mouth but not at the front, or vice versa. This usually happens because the teeth are slanted in a way that prevents them from meeting in the middle and causes an “opening” to exist between the top and bottom teeth. Open bites can be found at both the back and the front of the month, but it occurs at the front most often.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While open bites typically don’t lead to any severe health issues, untreated open bites can impact your ability to do everyday activities like speaking and eating. Correcting an open bite can boost your confidence in your smile and may make it easier to enjoy the things you love

Because open bites often occur due to the position of teeth, clear aligners are an effective choice for small tooth movement. SureSmile® Clear Aligners work by gently guiding your teeth to a new position, which can bring you a healthy, beautiful smile. Find a SureSmile® doctor to get your personalized treatment plan and get started.

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