SureSmileTM Simulator

See your new smile

Are you curious about how your smile could transform with SureSmile Clear Aligners? We’re thrilled to introduce you to the SureSmile™ Simulator – a exciting application designed to provide you with a custom 3D-visualization of your possible new smile!

What is the SureSmile™ Simulator?

SureSmile Simulator is your personalized preview to a confident smile. It’s a software application that creates a 3D visualization of how your smile could look after SureSmile Clear Aligner treatment. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a clear vision of your smile’s future!

Why Explore with the SureSmile™ Simulator?

  • Future Possibilities: Visualize the potential of your new smile with a customized 3D preview. Watch your teeth move before your eyes before you ever start treatment!
  • Empower Your Decision: Make confident decisions about your oral health journey by discussing the esthetic and oral health benefits of orthodontic treatment.
  • Your Smile, Your Way: SureSmile Simulator can help you to actively participate in your smile journey with your doctor. Explore different possibilities together and set expectations that align with your goals.

How does it Work?

1.Consultation: Your doctor may introduce you to the SureSmile™ Simulator during a cleaning appointment or a requested orthodontic consultation. This is where your smile journey begins!
2.Scan & Simulate: By utilizing advanced equipment like the Primescan intraoral scanner, your doctor can turn the initial digital scan of your teeth into a customizable 3D-visualization, allowing you to preview your current and potential smile.
3.Education & Decision: Understand the value of investing in your oral health as your doctor guides you through the esthetic and health benefits of orthodontics.
4.Ready for Your Journey: Once you’re confident in your decision, you can easily transition from simulation to treatment, supported by personalized planning by your doctor and SureSmile® Aligners.

Start Your Smile Journey Today!

Ready to see your smile’s potential? Schedule a consultation with a doctor near you to experience the SureSmile™ Simulator.  We’re here to empower you on your path to a confident and healthy smile!