Introducing SureSmile® VPro™

Introducing SureSmile® 

The little device with a big impact on your treatment experience

SureSmile® VPro™ is an at-home device used only 5 minutes a day with your aligners. It delivers gentle vibrations that help your aligners fit properly and may reduce discomfort helping you on your journey to a new smile.1-3 Using SureSmile® VPro™ for 5 minutes a day, it can help you stay on track with treatment. 4 out of 5 doctors surveyed reported reduced patient discomfort when using SureSmile® VPro™ in their clear aligner cases.4

SureSmile® Clear Aligner System delivers confidence, comfort and convenience.

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How to use SureSmile® VPro™

SureSmile® VPro™ Wear & Care Guide

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