The SureSmile® System

We help you get the smile you’ll love – every step of the way

The SureSmile® System

We help you get the smile you’ll love – every step of the way

With SureSmile® Clear Aligners, you will receive the support you need for a more comfortable, predictable treatment process.

Everyone faces different dental care journeys, and while no one wants to think about the challenges of straightening teeth, the truth is that you’re likely to experience a range of highs and lows – moments of accomplishment mixed with impatience; subtle results sometimes, and more visible results at other times.

While we won’t tell you it’s all smiles, we provide tools and resources to make the process comfortable and rewarding every step of the way, so you can be sure you’ll get the smile you’ll love.

The SureSmile® Clear Aligner system will make you smile

SureSmile® Clear Aligners

SureSmile® Clear Aligners are custom made using advanced technology and proven materials. A customized, comfortable fit from the first aligner to the last.

SureSmile® VPro™

SureSmile® VPro™ vibration device is a convenient and easy-to-use at-home device that delivers gentle vibrations to help your aligners fit properly. Using SureSmile® VPro™ for just 5 minutes a day with your clear aligners may reduce discomfort and may shorten treatment time, helping you on your journey to a new smile.1-4

SureSmile® Retainers

At the end of your treatment and beyond, it’s important to protect your investment by using SureSmile® Retainers to keep your teeth in place.

SureSmile™ Whitening Kit

Use the SureSmile™ Whitening Kit so your new smile shines bright.

SureSmile® Patient Kit

The SureSmile® Patient Kit is designed to get you started on your smile journey.

SureSmileTM Simulator

The SureSmileTM Simulator is a software application that can be used by your doctor to show you a customized 3D-visualization of your potential clear aligner treatment outcome.

What to expect during SureSmile Clear Aligner Treatment

1. SureSmile VPro based on treatment plan and as prescribed by your doctor

2. Alansari S, et al., The effects of brief daily vibration on clear aligner orthodontic treatment, J World Fed Ortho 2018.

3. Nicozisis Effects of a 120Hz high-frequency acceleration device on orthodontic discomfort, 2018

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