What is an Underbite?

When your mouth is closed and your bottom front teeth overlap your top front teeth, doctors call this an underbite. It is the direct opposite of an overbite, where the top front teeth overlap the bottom teeth, but while doctors expect to see a small overbite in a healthy mouth, underbites are considered a misalignment and likely need treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Underbites can negatively impact your everyday life by making it difficult, or even painful, to chew or speak. Underbites can also cause your teeth to wear down more quickly than usual and cause jaw disorders. Sleep apnea, chronic bad breath, and mouth breathing can also be symptoms of an untreated underbite.

For mild to moderate underbites, clear aligners can be a great choice; however, sometimes jaw placement and size cause underbites, which requires a more extensive approach. SureSmile® Clear Aligners are a great choice for fixing underbites that are caused by tooth placement rather than jaw placement. Getting started with SureSmile® is easy. Begin a conversation today.

Getting started with SureSmile® Clear Aligners is easy