Crooked Teeth

What are Crooked Teeth?

Any type of misalignment that impacts the spacing, direction, or placement of a person’s teeth are considered crooked teeth.  Doctors may describe crooked teeth by identifying the type of bite that someone has. Underbites, overbites,  crossbites, open bites, gap teeth and overcrowded teeth are all types of crooked teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having crooked teeth can impact a person’s confidence in their smile, which is reason enough to fix them, but they can also impact a person’s oral hygiene and their ability to accomplish everyday tasks like eating, drinking, and speaking.  Untreated crooked teeth can lead to further damage down the road, like tooth decay and gum disease, which can progress into infections that damage the jawbone and teeth.

Yes! Our aligners can correct crooked teeth by and guiding teeth to a desired location, resulting in the smile you’ve always wanted. If your jaw placement is influencing the crooked teeth, your dentist may recommend some additional treatment to support a long-lasting change. Ready to love your smile? Meet SureSmile®.

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